Excerpt About Coemergence

The Awareness of the Absolute is Totally Inseparable from Its Emptiness

Even though realization of the absolute brings total contentment, its many mysteries continue to fire my curiosity. The coemergence of the soul with the absolute begins the realization of the coemergence of all manifestations. This in turn reveals the subtle relation between awareness and the absolute. My experience of the absolute has involved being a consciousness that apprehends it by touching it. The consciousness can be the clarified soul, or any aspect of essence. In this process the consciousness dissolves into its blackness, as it becomes aware of it as total nonbeing. Another way of experiencing the absolute is to be the absolute totally, aware of manifestation arising within it, an extension of it. In this condition awareness arises within the absolute as the ground of all manifestation, as luminosity or clarity. Coemergence reveals that the awareness of the absolute is totally inseparable from its emptiness. Emptiness and awareness are two sides of the absolute, totally coemergent and inseparable. I cannot say that the absolute is clarity or luminosity, because it is much more. I cannot say it is simply emptiness, for it is so rich and so present. As the absolute I recognize myself as awareness which is presence, which is at the same time a lightness, an emptiness. My emptiness is my presence, and my presence is my awareness.

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