Excerpt About Clarity

Eliminating Unclarity through Precision

We eliminate unclarity and obscuration by becoming precise. Precision means a specific, exact, sharp delineation. This sharp delineation needs to be not only in the thinking mind, but primarily in direct experience. We know when we feel heat or anger, for instance. We don't merely feel some kind of energy, or a vague hot emotion. Exploring vague feelings is the beginning of understanding, but the understanding is still not complete, not objective, because it is not precise yet. For example, we might feel sort of feisty, or maybe we’re feeling angry, but we’re not exactly sure yet. Inquiry asks for more precision: "Am I feeling angry or feisty?" When we recognize that we feel more feisty than angry, we become more precise. Some dullness and unclarity is dissipated by the questioning.

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