Excerpt About Citadel

Explorations that Invite the Arising of the Citadel Dimension
As the Citadel is realized, it provides the soul with all the essential aspects as specific supports for leading a life of truth. We call it the Citadel because it can manifest as an enormous, solid presence – like a mighty fortress – that supports and protects the truth as it manifests in our life. The various defensive ego functions that have helped us operate without the ground of our true nature are replaced by this immense and powerful support of Being itself. The more we learn to bring our awareness of truth into the functioning of our life, the more we gain access to the essential grounding, guidance, and protection of the Citadel. To activate this new dimension, the process of exploration needs to extend into all areas of our life. We begin to explore our work, our relationships, and our behavior in terms of whether they reflect truth or not. This process brings in an integrity, a self-respect, and a valuing of the truth – all of which invite the arising of the Citadel dimension.

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