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Central Object Relation
The process of working through the primitive structures of the animal soul and the soul child requires that all three object relations be understood all the way to the clear, embodied experience and understanding of essential aspects related to them. We have not discussed the process of working through the central object relation, but this is the main structure that the inner work of the Diamond Approach addresses. To work through it means to render transparent its constituent self-images, which entails dealing with all the major ego structures. This involves working through the (normal) ego structure of being an autonomous individual with a unique identity. The autonomy structure is the subject matter of our book The Pearl Beyond Price, and the identity structure is the subject matter of The Point of Existence. Working through these ego structures leads to the self-realization of true nature and its individuation in personal life.7 The two primitive object relations become clarified, and then are integrated into the clarified central object relation. More accurately, the soul develops into a mature and full soul, who experiences and recognizes essential presence as her nature and identity, but can also embody this realization in life, with her essential power and her rich, overflowing heart in harmony.

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