Excerpt About Central Object Relation

Working with the Central Object Relation

Working with the central object relation brings up some kind of aloneness. But the aloneness is not so terrible because it is not complete. Because of the Basic Fault, the basic separation from reality, the central object relation is usually not lost totally. The object relation changes from being the fulfilling object relation to being the empty object relation. Suddenly the breast, instead of being full of milk and nourishment, shrivels up and becomes empty. So you’re not entirely alone, but you’re left relating to an empty breast. The breast does not disappear. The other person does not disappear. The work does not disappear. Rather, these things continue to exist but don’t give you what you want. They don’t defer satisfaction like the frustrating object or refuse satisfaction like the rejecting object. It’s more like the teacher or the teaching or the school or the husband suddenly hasn’t got it anymore. The breast is dried up. Nothing comes through. God is not delivering the goods. And they’re not delivering the goods not because they’re bad, but because there’s nothing there, they’re all out.

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