Excerpt About Brilliancy

Universality of Brilliancy
In some universal sense, if you divide essential aspects into masculine and feminine, you may make Brilliancy into a masculine quality, but that doesn't mean it belongs only to men. On a universal level, masculine and feminine have nothing to do with men and women, have nothing to do with genitals or gender. They're just different ways of classifying qualities. In the religious traditions, essential aspects are divided into masculine and feminine in order to go along with the conventional understanding. Because most minds think that the masculine is a particular way and the feminine is another way, the traditions tend to divide qualities into masculine and feminine. But that doesn't mean that masculine qualities are only for men and feminine ones are only for women. Love, for instance, is considered a feminine quality, but it doesn't mean only women can experience Love. Will is a masculine quality, but that doesn't mean only men can experience Will. So each human being, man or woman, can experience equally all the masculine and feminine qualities. From the perspective of this division, Brilliancy has a sense of being masculine.

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