Excerpt About Brilliancy

Brilliancy Brings About the Most Perfect Actions Possible

So intelligence reflects completeness, and Brilliancy is the most complete because it has all the perfections and aspects in it, undifferentiated. When we experience Brilliancy, we feel it as Love, Will, Clarity, Peace, Joy, and Truth all at the same time. Our sense of it is completeness. Whenever there is a hole in our soul, that means an aspect is missing. In Brilliancy, nothing is missing because all the aspects are present; there are no holes. We can actually feel the particular affect of completeness. And because Brilliancy is complete, it brings about the most perfect action possible. It is the most perfect in the sense that it is the most optimizing, which means that it is the most effective in drawing us nearer to our true nature. The optimal direction for the experience of the soul is the one that leads her as close to her home as possible. Intelligence is a very difficult concept to analyze because it includes many elements, many facets. We first need to realize that the intelligence of Brilliancy is not just mental intelligence, it is intelligence in any dimension, any action. We can have intelligence in the response to a situation, in the way
we live our life, the way we think, the way we inquire, the way we interact, the way we communicate. This intelligence is organic and it underlies the actual experience of our consciousness. Brilliancy is the inherent intelligence of our Being. The more in touch we are with it, the more it penetrates and pervades our life, our perception, our experience, and our actions.

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