Excerpt About Boundless Dimensions

Shifting Vantage Point of Perception

As we experience these boundless dimensions of reality, our view changes in a big way. The vantage point of perception no longer is the center of observation that we have called the self, but rather is the vastness of Being itself. The sense of being a subject, in the beginning, is experienced as being an individual that sees itself through the aperture of the self. As that aperture opens up, at some point we see that the individual is not the true subject. The vastness of consciousness or awareness is the true subject. But even that is not entirely accurate, because in this vastness both the individual consciousness and other forms of experience appear at the same time. Our relationship to time and space changes as we discover the boundless dimensions of Being, which is what we are and what reality is. This is the entry into the classic or standard mystical experience. In our teaching, the story of the boundless dimensions is a long story and many stories. It encompasses the entire range of nondual realization. One characteristic of experiencing the boundlessness of true nature, especially when we are realized in it, is that our center of gravity moves into the vastness, and we begin to perceive things from that place. The recognition then is that everything is included in that expanse of vastness, because everything is a manifestation of it. It feels like a unified totality. We can experience this unified totality as love, as knowledge, as awareness, as nonbeing, as dynamism. Recognizing everything as love is the easiest way to go beyond the boundaries of the self, because that process is scary and can feel like some kind of death or annihilation. It is much easier for the boundaries of the self to dissolve if there is love everywhere.

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