Excerpt About Ego Boundaries

The Sense of Being an Individual is the Presence of Boundaries
One cannot free oneself from boundaries for several reasons: One is the boundaries. The sense of being an individual is the presence of boundaries. So if one does anything to try to free himself, he will be automatically asserting his presence, which is the presence of boundaries. If he even desires, wishes or wants the absence of boundaries he will be merely expressing the desires, wishes and wants of his individuality; and hence he will be asserting the presence of boundaries. Being has no desires. Being, even the Personal Essence, is completely desireless. The presence of any desire is the presence of the ego individuality, and hence of ego boundaries. Most spiritual teachings say that one cannot attain enlightenment if one desires it; only when one let's go of all desire, even desire for enlightenment, can it happen. Doing anything at all indicates the presence of ego activity, and the action of hope and desire... Using any technique or method, doing anything intentional, means also asserting the will of the ego, which is inseparable from the ego individuality.

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