Excerpt About Black Latifa

Effect of the Black Diamond
So the Black diamond when it functions as part of the Diamond Guidance, gives it the capacity to cut through all the way to the Absolute. Then our consciousness is that stillness and silence that is clear, objective, exquisitely precise, and sharp. There is a sense of silent knowledge and mysterious power, a settled sufficiency, and an unspeakable contentment. This Diamond reminds us of the Absolute itself, as if the Absolute had condensed and formed itself into a Diamond. The blackness is so black that it glimmers and shines. There is a sense of majesty, awe, and mystery. It is an exquisite consciousness of silence, which silences all chatter and stills it into its own beautiful stillness. With this diamond in the Diamond Guidance inquiry becomes so sharp, so effective, and so powerful that it begins to expose the first arisings of ego-consciousness – the background of all attitudes and positions.

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