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Diamond Guidance as Potential for the Scientific Mind

We can practice the inquiry of Diamond Guidance within any field of study; it does not have to be restricted to our personal experience. The Guidance can aid our inquiries in physics, chemistry, biology, sociology, and other disciplines, by sharpening and enhancing our capacity to uncover truth. Its function is to reveal the truth, and the truth can appear as a social truth, political truth, or scientific truth just as much as a personal truth. This capacity is the true inquiring and exploring faculty of the soul, potential in all but developed by few. However, I do see this as a definite potential for the scientific mind. The great researchers and scientific explorers have developed and applied this capacity, but usually only partially, because they have not clarified their own inner experience as well. I think it would be quite interesting and exciting to see how the full and conscious application of the Diamond Guidance might affect research in other disciplines.

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