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The Absolute is the True Beloved of the Heart
The poem shows that the way of the heart is love. The inner journey is motivated and powered not by utilitarian needs, such as the need to be free from suffering, but by the self-sacrificing love of the soul for her source and for her true nature. The heart loves the truth; the deeper the truth, the deeper the love, and the deeper the love, the deeper the revelation of the truth. The Absolute is the true Beloved of the heart, whether we are conscious of it or not. The mind cannot and does not know the Guest; it does not and cannot know the Secret. The mind does not know, really, what the heart deeply loves and desires. Only the heart knows the Guest because the Guest is the true possessor of the heart. Only the heart can know the Secret, can know the Guest. The heart will simply not rest unless it is occupied by its master. The heart is bereft without its owner.

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