Excerpt About Being (Total)

Seeing the Conceptual and the Nonconceptual as Two Ends of One Polarity

As we recognize the subtle concepts in the nonconceptual dimensions, we begin to see that it is possible for Total Being to manifest true nature as a nonconceptuality that is not the opposite of concepts, a nonconceptuality that transcends both the concepts of the conceptual and the nonconceptual. This total nonconceptuality becomes instrumental in illuminating the precognitive structures. Total Being manifesting as total nonconceptuality powerfully challenges and illuminates precognitive structures. It does this by the mere fact of not being opposed to concepts. Because total nonconceptuality is not the absence of concepts, it is a nonconceptuality that has no trouble with concepts. In this condition, both the conceptual and the nonconceptual are categories that manifest within this awareness and are recognized as the two ends of one polarity. Many people can arrive at this insight logically. I remember that when I was in college studying mathematics and formal logic, I realized that calling something nonconceptual made it a concept. But that was a thought; I didn’t have the experience then. Here, the understanding of total nonconceptuality happens as a result of the realization of total nonconceptuality. And again, this is a condition that is present all the time, regardless of whether we discern it or not.

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