Excerpt About Being (Living)

Living Being is Reality Living Its Life

The entirety of all and everything is practicing as the individual is practicing. As the individual meditates, we learn that it is the Living Being in its totality that is actually meditating. Living Being is the beingness and aliveness and dynamism of everything and everyone; it is reality living its life. We will further elaborate on Living Being throughout the book. For now, the expression simply signals that reality is unified in ways that are not apparent except in realization. Living Being is practicing in the sense that it is experiencing, revealing, and expressing itself. Although this is always the case, for a long time it is not apparent to us. Our practice manifests various difficulties, which we will explore in subsequent chapters, because we don’t see that it is always Living Being that practices. Once we recognize that this is true, then when we practice, the mountains and the oceans and the stars are practicing.

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