Excerpt About Beauty

The Exquisite Luminous Beauty of Existence

There is the sweet, fluffy kind of love, the merging and contented kind of love and then there is a third kind of love: passionate, powerful, consuming and ecstatic. You feel you’ve been taken by storm. Your mind is gone. You feel power and lustiness, passion and zest. You feel your whole being is burning like a flame and that flame is full, and that fullness is the love. You feel ecstasy, passion and no difference between desire, wanting, giving, receiving. It is all one consuming thing. I call it ecstatic, passionate love. This love is not only directed toward a person. It is again your beingness. You are the passion. It is true passion, not the passion of the emotions, which is fake passion. When you are passionately longing or passionately wanting, you are being your passionate self. But as true passionate love, you feel like a consuming force of life. When you look at life and existence, you’re not wanting something from it, you simply appreciate it and love it passionately because life and existence are so beautiful. Beauty is a part of that passion. What ignites that passion is beauty, the exquisite, luminous beauty of existence. Everything and everybody is beautiful, and every occurrence is beautiful. You are everything, as manifestation of sheer, wonderful beauty The more beauty you see, the more you burst with that passion. You love life. You want to love life because it is so wonderful, so beautiful, and you feel so strong about it. I call it “lion-hearted love.” Your heart is courageous and forceful. It does not occur to you to wonder, “Is this person going to like me?” You have no worries. Your heart is so full that there is no room for doubt or fear. You appreciate what is there. You take life fully, completely.

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