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What the Basic Fault Exposes
So what’s going on? What's the problem? The love is there, the teaching is there, the pleasure is there, but it doesn’t satisfy you. The problem is fundamental, built into the very structure of the situation. The problem is your perspective, your point of view about yourself and about the world. That's what I mean by Basic Fault. Fault in the sense of a break or a fracture from objective reality, from how things actually are. You will see the basic problem if you let go of the object relation completely. You let go not only of the fulfilling breast, but also of the deflated breast, the empty breast. Then it is possible to see what the Basic Fault is. The problem here is the way we look at things, the way we understand things, the way we perceive the situation, what we take ourselves to be, what we take the world to be, what we take others to be. The problem is an entire world view, propped up by a certain metaphysics and philosophy that rule your daily life. The most important part of that metaphysics, of that world view, is that you relate to others and exist in the world from the perspective of internalized object relations. No matter what the object relation is, whether frustrating or rejecting or fulfilling, you relate to the world as a separate entity, a separate individual. The world exists for you as various sorts of objects. Whether the object happens to be the teaching, your teacher, your wife, your husband, essence, God, the truth, your mother, the breast, it is always something other than what you are. And you merely relate to it in a positive or a negative way. The central object relation rests on the perspective of not looking at the universe as a whole, not looking at the truth as a whole. We see that the fault is as basic as that. We look at the truth and at the reality of who and what we are as a separate entity, a separate something, a separate existence that relates to other separate existences.

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