Excerpt About Appropriation

Negating the Action and Role of Grace

By appropriating the enlightenment drive, we are negating the action of the divine, of True Nature. We are being infidels, not recognizing where the truth is coming from and believing that it comes from us. Using the language of monotheism, appropriation is believing that there is more than one God; it is believing that there is somebody else that does what God does. The appropriation can be an expression of not recognizing that the divine or True Nature acts. Even though it is expressed through the individual soul, True Nature is what stirs us and wakes us up. If we don’t recognize that, we are negating the action of grace and the role of grace. We want to see the balance of the relationship between the two, between the role of grace and our role, between realization and practice. We don’t want to negate either one of them. We want to see reality as it is. what is the role of the individual and what is the role of True Nature or God or the divine? How do they interface? How does it really work? How does practice happen? What makes it work?

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