Excerpt About Allowing

Allowing is a State of Being

This is not something to make into rules of conduct. What I’m saying here is to open your mind. To know freedom, you need a certain perception, a certain attitude that will itself bring freedom. If you’re thinking, “I know what to do about that situation,” you’re not allowing. Allowing is a state of being. It has nothing to do with “I’m going to do this or that.” It’s an attitude—a final attitude—which is the absence of any attitude, or the allowing of any attitude. You allow even not allowing. Otherwise you’re making a restriction. The moment you take any stance, you are putting a wall in the allowing space. Even when the stance is allowing everything, the only thing you can do is just live your life completely. The mind does not know what to say. what is left is the purest nature of the mind itself: complete allowingness. The freedom is so free that it allows boundaries. I’m sure each one of you is stuck in a certain boundary someplace as I’m talking. Each of you can recognize the restrictions of your own world that you’re dealing with right now. Do you want to keep it the way it is or get rid of it? As long as there’s a part of you that wants to go somewhere or finds another part unacceptable, there is no freedom.

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