Excerpt About Aggression

Aggression of the Animal Soul

When we experience our animal potential fully, we do not necessarily experience ourselves as a person who is feeling intense lust and desire. When we experience the sense of the animal soul itself, it appears as a primitive mass. Experiencing the animal soul in itself, one feels oneself to be either a shapeless instinctual organism, with no human form, or animal one, or sometimes as a primitive organism with a minimum of structure. The animal soul is a blob of a creature, full of lust and desire, hunger and aggression. The amorphousness of the animal soul has remained so because normal ego development tends not to deal adequately with this dimension of our soul. This is a reflection of the inability of our civilization to harmoniously integrate the animal soul. It is usually repressed or split off from our conscious experience of ourselves, except for minor surges that we have learned to manage.

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