Luminous Night's Journey

An Autobiographical Fragment

This book is very special as it contains a new kind of teaching: excerpts from Almaas' personal journal, which describe a certain thread in his own journey of realization and the processes involved in integrating that realization. This publication marks a fortunate development in our knowledge of how Being is realized in and through the human soul.


  1. Intimacy
  2. The Personal Trap
  3. The Impersonal
  4. Objective Sorrow
  5. End of the World
  6. The Real World
  7. The Absolute
  8. Mystical Poverty
  9. The Beloved
  10. Ripening of the Soul
  11. The Mystical Marriage
  12. Coemergence
  13. Absolute Action
  14. Life and the Deathless
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